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SEO & Reporting

Strategic SEO and reporting services for your website

Attracting Visitors & Measuring Success

At Blis we understand that each website we design has certain outcomes our client's require and a strong Google presence is often high up in this list.

All the website's Blis design and build adhere to the best practices outlined in the Google Webmaster Guidelines at their time of development and as such, many end up doing very in Google without any extra assistance.

However, some clients who come to us will be entering a market whereby their competition are using SEO professionals to help them get page #1 results for the most popular keywords. In these instances you will find that extra assistance is required and for this reason we offer a range of different SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) services depending upon the needs of your company.

Exclusive to Blis Designed Websites

Our SEO & Reporting services are restricted to websites which have been designed and developed by Blis Web Agency. We feel this is a critical defining factor for why our client's websites do well in search. How your site is coded tends to be as important to Google as the keywords within it. For this reason, we don't provide SEO services for any websites which are not professionally developed by our web design company.


SEO Plans and Services

SEO Tune Ups

Our SEO Tune Ups are often popular with small business clients who can't justify the costs of an on-going SEO compaign. This is because they tend to be a once off, low cost exercise designed to address any aspects of your website which could be improved to better satisify the guidelines published on the Google Web Master blog.

An ideal candiate for this type of product is someone who has previously been ranking well in Google but has found that their rankings have degraded over time.

This approach is useful for helping improve your Google presence but it's not suitable for any organisation who is trying to be listed in a market whereby your competition is engaging SEO professionals on a monthly basis.

Quarterly SEO Plans

Our quarterly SEO plans are perfect for any company or organisation who has certain SEM (Search Engine Marketing) objectives they're looking to achieve. These plans include search engine optimisation, quarterly reporting and basic site maintenance.

Our quarterly SEO plans are based on a fixed number of hours per quarter with this time allocated throughout the period. This gives us time to make changes to your site and then measure the result. Typically we suggest most clients will need to allow for two quarters before they will start to see longer lasting outcomes however this does vary depending upon competition and keywords.

If your website is considered to be one of your core marketing tools and a pillar upon which you base the success of your business, considering one of our quartlery SEO plans should be a high priority.

Custom SEO Strategies

Our custom SEO strategy is an enterprise level product whereby additional analysis and reporting is required.

Some elements related to this service can include:

  • Establishing the right data collection tools (analytics and reporting)
  • Planning your conversion pathways and tracking conversion success
  • Multi-channel SEM including Google Adwords and remarking
  • A/B Testing, Custom Landing Pages and other strategic exercises to help progressively improve and fine tune your site for your visitors

Once again, all our SEO services are restricted to only websites designed and developed by Blis.

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